Young Volunteers Firefighters – Sfera

sfera(The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) The Association Young Volunteers Firefighters SFERA – Bitola it was a project in the Association for Preventive work with children, youth and their families-Group Felix, by the initiatives from King Gustav the VI 90th Anniversary Foundations from Sweden. From that time the project starts to grown with many member and activities in that long time and finally in July 2009 the project become an independent NGO-Association.

Now the Youth Club/Brigade is one of the biggest voluntary organization in our Region with 87volunteers.Also we are working on a project  founded from the European Commission,Youth in Action.In that project mostly we are working on youth exchanges and trainings and seminars and we got Accreditation for EVS(European Voluntary Service).

Unless this International Project we are working in a Local projects.That kind of project are Making Trainings and seminars,organizing workshops,project for developing leadership and democracy among young people,tracking poverty and unemployment