Eurocircle(France) Founded in Berlin in 1993, the EUROCIRCLE network is a European grouping of project managers in the social sectors of education and employment. In 1995, the network became a non-profit-making organization under French law, and settled in Marseille. Ever since, EUROCIRCLE has been endeavoring to support project managers in their implementation of a European approach by initiating European partnerships in order to set up transnational projects. The service on this web site, which puts partners in contact with one another, is structured around an information service that concentrates on the technical aspects of funding programs.

Now EUROCIRCLE, based in Marseille, is a French European NGO developing, participating and informing about European projects mainly in the field of youth. We are an EVS sending, coordinating and hosting organization and currently looking for partners for exchanges projects.
The youngsters with fewer opportunities are one of our priorities.