Debates and presentations

During these days, participants  from 14 European countries  were involved in different activities to know the mafia phenomenon, its effects in the everyday life of common citizen and the instruments used by civil society organizations and magistrates to fight it.

They visited to the “Garden of memory” in San Giuseppe Jato, near Palermo, where the child Giuseppe Di Matteo, son of an ex-mafia member and now informant, was imprisoned before to be killed by mafia men.

They met Mr. Salvo Palazzolo, journalist of  “la Repubblica” newspaper, who spoke to them about the role of civil society and media in fight against mafia. They met some members of Addiopizzo organization that supports traders who denounce “pizzo” and promote “critical consumption”.

They visited the Bunker room where the maxi-trial was celebrated. There they met Mr. Alfredo Morvillo, judge and vice-president of Falcone Foundation, who explained them the famous “method Falcone” used by Falcone judge in his investigations and that led to the maxi-trial. Moreover, They had the possibility to know the approach of Italian Juvenile Justice to implement intervention paths with young people involved in the mafia during a seminar “Release from mafias”.

During this event, European  participants were involved in the preparation for participation “Boat of Legality”: they painted legality sheets they after showed during the 23rd of May.