The Project

Waves of legality, waves of citizenship - Final report The project aims to reinforce role of organized civil society combating, preventing crime and foster co-operation between law enforcement system and civil society in Europe.

The final report is available to download [pdf - 8MB]

It will involve participants from 6 countries (84 of them with fewer opportunities) in activities connected to culture of legality,  civic commitment, promotion and awareness on active citizenship towards crime prevention.

The project is focused on 5 main activities:

1) one international seminar on the role of civil society in combating and preventing crime and cooperation with law enforcement institutions;

2-3) two events related with participation to the celebrations connected with the 21st anniversary of the Judge Falcone murder by mafia, called “Boat of Legality”.This event normally brings 3.000 Italian students to the celebrations: in 2011 it involved 40 European citizens and had a wide media coverage, with more than 800 accredited journalist from all over the world, thus providing high visibility to the project and to the EfC programme.

4) Project will foresee also a survey on perception of crime on different countries and

5) one evaluation meeting on methods to communicate education to legality. Coordination meeting and mid -term evaluation will be held online.

Aim of the project is gather together different stakeholders  already active in education to legality, restorative justice and rehabilitation programme with Youth at risk (including young offenders) by means of different activities in order to give them the  possibility to share methods, good practices, and knowledge connected with crime prevention, education, promotion to legality and awareness about  active citizenship. This will be the tool to establish a network on education to legality. The involvement of youngsters with fewer opportunities, especially minor offenders, joining restorative justice programme  and organization working with them will represent high educational value in their personal development process and for the project itself.